Why we named it "Indigo"

Edinbane village became what is it today thanks to a Kenneth MacLeod of Greshornish. His family farmed land in the Gesto area of Skye for over 500 years.

At the age of 15 he went to India with one golden guinea in his pocket. With his precious guinea, he bought a copper boiler, which he sold in Calcutta for £30. This set him on the path of making a fortune by planting indigo, used to dye fabrics.

When he returned to Skye, Kenneth then bought Edinbane (among other areas). He ensured that the village had a tradesman delaing in each of the important crafts. He set up the first hospital on Skye in Edinbane. In the 1860s he bought the oldest coaching inn and converted into a hunting lodge, known today as Edinbane Lodge.